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Mad Dog Names

Names Given to Mad Dog Cyclists

So what is in a name? A lot when it comes to a Mad Dog Name.  Many refer to this as a birth of a name within the Mad Dog community.  Below are the names we have compiled. A huge thank you to Melissa Hall and others on assisting to put this together.  If you see one that we are missing, reach out to and we will get it added. 

Barry Luckett: Chilly (The original Chilly Dog)

Cathy Hill: Chilly Dog

Kirk Roggencamp Anchor Dog

Amelia Dauer: Bubbles or Bird Dog

Dee Schreur: Dog Fish

Glenn Smith: Clothesline

Jon Wineland: Lunchbox

Michael Pitt: “Sparky” or “Lemon Boy” or Pan

Steve Rice: “Mule”

Susan Howell: “Bandit”

Carl Davis: “Screech”

Larry Preble: “Gizmo”

Bob Grable: “Backpack Bob”

Dave King: “Bam Bam”

Allison Dobbs: “Pebbles”

Dick Krakowski: “Grasshopper”

Thomas Nance: “Thomas the Train”

Chris Embry: “Tater Dog”

Melissa Hall: “Puddle”

Bernice McGill: “Nana Dog”

Steve Sarson: "Diamond Dog"

Steve Sarson's daughter: “Puppy Dog”

Steve Meredith: “Meat Dog”

Mike Crawford: “Crawdaddy”

Tom Askew: “Ambassador Dog”

Vicky Dobbs: “Double Dog Dare”

Ron Dobbs: “Double Dog”

Mark Medley: “Astro Dog”

John Larson: “The Vaccinator”

Ted King: “The French Fry Guy”

Jeff White: “Lucky Dog”

Carla Dearing: “Stormy”

Mike Kamenish: “Diesel Dog”

Jim Moore: “Grizzly”

Dick Rauh: “Minnerdick”

Matt Tinnell: “Pocket Chicken”

Richard Heckler: “First Pup”

Don Feeney: “Rossini Dog”

John Paul: “Art Dog”

Bill Pustow: “Cisco”

Eddie Doerr: “Waldo”

Anong Pustow: “Mrs. Mad Dog”

Tim Chilton: “Choo Choo”

Scott Kochenbrod: “Jammer”

Steve Sexton: “Scout”

Mark Rougeux: Rocky

Andy Murphy: Lost Dog

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