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Cycling Photos From The Past

Couple with bicycles undefined Check out the “safeties” completed with elaborate seat suspension and, as far as I can tell, pneumatic tires and linkages-operated hub brakes.

A “Wheelman” with his high wheeler.

A young cyclist undefined How would you like to ride a bike with this kind of trail and rake? The frame doesn’t look all that rigid either, without what we call the “top tube.” But, hey, you can’t beat those 20-spoke wheels!

A trio of wheelmen undefined Who says front suspension is a new invention? Check out the suspension set-up of the safety bicycle on the left!

A gaggle of wheelmen doing a balancing act. There are high-wheelers, safety bicycles, and even a tandem (but don’t look for generous cockpit room for the stoker)!

Jefferis’ Cycle Shop

Wheelmen’s Bench & A.D. “Pap” Ruff Memorial as it appeared in 1898.

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