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Become a Ride Captain

Are you thinking of becoming a ride captain for the Louisville Bicycle Club?  

It is very easy to become a ride captain for the Louisville Bicycle Club.  Our group of volunteer ride captains are what make the Louisville Bicycle Club so special.  

Interested in Becoming a Ride Captain?

Contact our Touring VP Today!

Touring VP: Steven Sarson


Ride Captain Jersey

Become A LBC Ride Captain Today! 

Louisville Bicycle Club Ride Captains are the heart and soul of the club. They are volunteer positions that anyone can become. Put on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or random rides throughout the week.  

Checkout the LBC Ride Captain Guidelines in the red box, reach out to our VP of Touring and schedule your first ride.  

Ride Captain Resources and Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be certified? No. Our Touring VP will work with you on how to correctly put on a ride. Use the LBC Ride Captain Guidelines as a tool to assist you with the correct way to do this. 

How long after I join the Louisville Bicycle Club can I become a ride captain? Immediately. Our Touring VP can assist you with getting started. 

Is there a minimum number of rides I need to put on in a year to maintain my ride captain status? Only if you want to receive a ride captain jersey. You must lead 5 rides in order to receive a ride captain jersey (while supplies last).  

Do I need to put on a weekly ride or can I spread them out as I would like? Feel free to put on the amount of rides you feel comfortable.  Obviously consistency is key to driving the popularity of your ride. A red jersey is awarded to first time Ride Captains after they captain five (5) rides in that touring year, while the supply of jerseys last. Ride Captains that captain at least ten (10) rides for the touring year will be recognized by receiving an award, e.g.,water bottle, gloves, or an award of similar value.

Louisville Bicycle Club
P.O. Box 35541
Louisville, KY 40232-5541

Louisville Bicycle Cub
P.O. Box 35541
Louisville, KY 40232-5541

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