2015 Brevet Series Routes

The 2015 brevet series consists of 4 routes which all start and end in Shelbyville, KY.  The longer routes build upon the shorter routes.

Links to the cue sheets and RidewithGPS files are included.  Please the cue sheet.   The RidewithGPS files are provided for reference only.  These may or may not route correctly on your GPS depending on your model and routing preferences.  Please take the time to create your own GPS routes if you are going to rely solely on your GPS for routing.  Any usage of these files are at the risk of the user.  No allowances will be made for off route excursions. 

Dates of the last update are included with each link.  Please check back as the date of each brevet approaches in order to determine if changes have been made.

Cue sheets and RidewithGPS files coming soon!!

WARNING:  Use the RidewithGPS files at your own risk.  If the included file takes you off course you will not be allowed any extra time to make up the extra miles.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the course and please use the GPS files as another tool for navigation.  Cue sheets will be provided and the course will be marked.

200K Route:   
The 200K will have controls at Frankfort (out and back) as well as Georgetown (turn around) .  There will be a short out and back to an informational control just prior to Georgetown in order to get the distance correct.  The exact nature of the informational control will be described in the brevet card.  This is a new feature for this route so that we can achieve the correct mileage.

300K Route:   

The 300K will have controls at Frankfort (out and back), Georgetown (out and back) as well as North Middletown (turn around).  The route into North Middletown is slightly different than we used in 2013.  The North Middletown will use a different store this year - it is just down 460.

400K Route:   
The 400K will have controls at Georgetown (out and back), North Middletown (out and back) and Clay City (turnaround).  The Clay City control has been moved to a gas station on the east side of town in order to reach the 400K distance.

600K Route:   
The 600K will use the same route as the 400K for the first section and then return to Shelbyville for an additional 200K.

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