Frequently Asked Questions

Here're some questions we were asked in previous years. The chances are good that your question has already been answered. Choose a subject.

The Rides

Q: Where will the ride start?
A: Start location this year: Baptist Eastpoint Medical Center, 2400 Eastpoint Parkway, Louisville, KY, 40223. In the Eastpoint Business Center off I-265 (Gene Snyder), between Old Henry and LaGrange Roads. (see map)

Q: Can you explain how those routes are handled over Sat/Sun. In other words are those routes just done on one day or are they split over two or what? Or do you just ride whatever distance you want to over one or both days?
A: The 3 different mileage routes on Saturday are finished on Saturday -all 3 routes take you into Bardstown and the 3 different Sunday mileage routes are also finished on the same day -all 3 routes will end up back at Baptist Eastpoint. You choose just how far you want to ride each day.

Q: I sent information about the OKHT to a bicyclist in NY state who is considering moving to Louisville. He asked why the 100 mile ride takes two days. Is there an easy answer? Heat? Socializing on the way? Are cyclists in KY in much worse shape than cyclists in NY?
A: The LBC boasts numerous centuries (100-mile rides) on its ride schedule every month, so I think it can certainly claim as many strong athletes as any other club in any area of the country.  As far as the OKHT is concerned, everyone has the option of riding 102 miles in one day if they choose. So, tell your friend to come on down to Kentucky and take the challenge. Then, during the rest of the season, he can see how he fares while trying to keep up with the Mad Dogs, a sub-group of the LBC dedicated to offering a century ride as often as possible.

Q: Is there any way to get a map or a cue sheet for the actual route  prior to the event?
A:  The LBC does not provide ride sheets prior to any scheduled rides. Unfortunately, the road conditions are always a guessing game right up to the morning of the ride.  We have had to make detours the hours before the ride went off. So, be surprised with everyone else! But rest assured that you will have plenty of company and support along the way.

Q: Is there some way to join you on Sunday? We could drive from Berea, where we are, to Louisville, if by chance someone happens to be driving to Bardstown on Sunday morning.
A: Yes, you CAN! Please be at Bardstown High School by 8:00 am EST. If you start from Bardstown and head to Louisville, you will have to make your own arrangements to return to Bardstown.  If you are starting in Louisville, we have a Sunday One-Day Ride that starts at Baptist Eastpoint, 2400 Eastpoint Parkway, 40223. Check-in time on Sunday is between 8 and 9:00 am EST .

Q: Is there a mass start to the OKHT? If not, then what time to the most individuals start?
A: No mass start for the OKHT. Over a thousand riders hitting the road all at once would be a few too many. You may check-in and start the ride on Saturday any time between 7:30am and 9am. Check-in and ride start for the Sunday one-day ride will between 8am and 9am.

Q: What is the terrain in Bardstown area? How many rolling hills are there?
A: Hills? In Kentucky? How do you like 'em? We've got them long and winding, short and steep or long, winding, steep and into the wind. All three routes - 50, 70, and 102 miles - offer plenty of scenic, rolling hills. None of the hills on the 50-mile route would fall into the insurmountable category for most novice cyclists (you'll probably want to hurt me for saying that when you get to Fairfield, but the SAG at the top of the Fairfield climb should make up for everything!) The 72-mile ride provides for a few more challenging hills. But if it's real agony you're after, take on the 102-mile route and tackle the legendary and challenging Pottershop Hill. Check out our Riding Tips - they should help you decide if you're ready.

Q: When does registration begin on ride day?
A: Registration times are listed on our Details page.

Q: I have my own transportation arrangements. What would be the registration fee for this Saturday only ride?
A: There is no fee deduction for having your own transportation arrangements. The OKHT offers a great price because we work hard to keep the fee for the ride very low. We feel it is a great value. The fees are posted on our Registration page.

Q: What is the cancellation policy? I've already registered but I'm afraid I cannot make it now.
A: No refunds are offered after September 2nd, 2015. The money has already been spent on food and clothing has been ordered. Please contact the Event Director.

Q: We've already pre-registered and wanted to find out if you will be contacting us about our confirmation and the particulars about the ride?
A: All of the particulars you need about the ride can be found right here on the official OKHT Web site.

Q: Is there a rider limit to the ride? If we wait until ride day do we run the risk of missing out due to rider # limit?
A: We try to limit our ride to 1,200 cyclists -so register early!!

Q: Will I be able to register the morning of the ride? I won't know if I can participate until the day before.
A: Yes, you may register the day of the ride.

Q: We were interested in doing the family 1-day ride. How much for the ride and a t-shirt?
A: The fees are posted on the Registration Page.

Q: Do you have any volunteer opportunities left for the OKHT? I understand there is a discount on the ride if you help out.
A: Yes to both, we always need more volunteers, and you can ride for free if you volunteer at least 6 hours. Check out our Volunteer Page for a list of opportunities or contact our Volunteer Coordinator.


Q: Could you give me a list of the places to stay in Bardstown?
A: Sure! Go to our Lodging page.

Q: Can you please tell me what time the evening events are scheduled for?
A: You can download this year's schedule here (coming soon). It will also be available on the day of the ride.

Q: Does the $55 (discounted price) or $65 cover the overnight or is there an additional fee?
A: The price of registration only covers the event (support, cue sheets, food, drink, entertainment, lunch & breakfast - not accommodations). You may camp on the grounds of the football field or in the gymnasium for free. Otherwise, people make their own hotel/motel arrangements.

Q: What are the provisions for my bike in Bardstown? Will you all have a place that it can be stored securely overnight, if I spend the night in a local motel?
A: You betcha. Tight as a drum, safe and secure. When you arrive in Bardstown Saturday just head over to the ride HQ, the high school. Your bags will be waiting there for you too.

Q: I assume, by your use of the words "bus route", that you are referring to the Bardstown bus service? I understand I would need to use the bus to get from the high school in Bardstown to the motel where I am staying and also to return on Sunday morning for the departure to Louisville?
A: Bardstown doesn't have any mass transit, to speak of. The OKHT folks contract a very reliable, and friendly, school bus driver for this free service.

Q: I'm wondering about transporting camping gear to Bardstown. I have one large bag.
A: We have SAG trucks that will transport all of your gear. Mark your bags and camping gear and load it on the truck come Saturday morning.

Q: Where could we leave our vehicle in Bardstown on Friday night so that would not be too far away from the main activities on Saturday?
A: Saturday night's activities will be at Spalding Hall in Bardstown, at Xavier and Fifth Streets.

Q: Can you suggest some sights worth seeing in the area?
A: Visit the Old Kentucky Home while in Bardstown, or for more ideas see the Bardstown tourism Web site. Also, the OKHT committee has arranged for some great rates on tours in the area. Check here for more details.

Q: Where in Bardstown does the tour end on the first day?
A: Spalding Hall in Bardstown, located at the corner of Xavier and Fifth Streets. Your bike will be safely stored overnight at Bardstown High School next door. Shuttles will be running every 20 minutes or so to take you to and from your hotel on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.


Q: I am interested in riding this tour, but have never done a tour with a SAG truck before. Are there more specific details on what you're allowed to bring? I'm also interested in the routes, as I've just gotten back into bicycling this summer and want to make sure I can actually do this!
A: Bring whatever you'll need to wear Saturday evening and also for the ride back. We'd suggest you bring casual clothes for Saturday night and some fresh riding clothes for Sunday, plus a toothbrush, some cash, and - oh, and don't forget the sunscreen! As for the routes... check out the ride link.

Q: Will camping be permitted Friday night at the park? Or is there a camping location close to the start of the ride?
A: Baptist Eastpoint, 2400 Eastpoint Parkway, 40223 does not permit camping . If you GOOGLE "Camping in Louisville, Ky. "--you will get a map of available sites that are close to the park.

Q: Any idea how long it generally takes (slow) riders to do the 55-mile course? The farthest I've done is 33 miles and there weren't many hills. I'm sure I'd be at the very back of the pack. My running doesn't seem to be helping me much with biking (of course, I'm a slow runner, too)!
A: Depends on how many times you stop to drink, eat, socialize, etc. The OKHT is a social event as much as an athletic one. The typical LBC cyclist can probably finish a 50-mile ride in about 3-4 hours. I'd say a slower rider, taking advantage of the many sag stops along the OKHT, should count on about 5 hours. The sag stops offer not only snacks and drinks to revive you, they also offer a variety of entertainment and the opportunity to socialize with the many other cyclists on the ride. You can sign in as early as 6:30 am, and you have all day, so just come on out, pick your own pace and have a great time.

Q: Do you know of anyone returning by automobile Saturday after riding to Bardstown?
A: You might want to subscribe to the automated forum, the KyCycList, and try to find someone you could share a ride with.

Q: Is there a map explaining the route for the 55 mile trip this year? Also, are there a lot of hills on this route? I am just trying to figure out if I am in good enough shape to ride this year!
A: We do not release the exact course until the day of the ride, but, we can tell you that this is a challenging ride. Plenty of rolling hills.

Q: How far is the Louisville International Airport to the park, and how would you recommend traveling - public transportation, or would we need to take a taxi? I'll have too much luggage to get onto my bike and ride from the airport.
A: Quite a good distance on a bike with or without luggage. Contact Louisville's public bus service - Transit Authority of River City - TARC, @ 502-585-1234, for scheduling information and inquire about their Bikes-On-Board service. Otherwise, we suggest that you take a taxi.

Q: Thinking about riding and wanting to know how fast the rides will be before making up my mind on the route I would like to do.
A: You can ride as fast as you'd like or as slow as you'd like, as long as you get in before dark. Check out our Riding Tips for suggestions on preparing for the ride.

Q: Just wondering if they are an at your own pace or do you have to keep up a certain speed. I would rather do a longer distance but I am not that fast.
A: No. Take it at your own pace (but we want you in before dark!). You can start as early as 7am, so the distance is not really the issue. Every pace imaginable will be available. Your pace and the number of times you choose to stop at SAGs to indulge in fruit, entertainment and socializing will determine how long it takes you to finish the route you choose. Show up, pick a pace and enjoy! If you follow our RidingTips, you should be fine.


Q: Will there be options for vegetarians at the provided breakfast, SAGs, lunch, and the optional  dinner? If not, would you recommend we pack our own?
A: Sag stops provide peanut butter, bread and fruit. All meals will have vegetarian options available.

OKHT Souvenirs

Q: Has the design of the t-shirts & jerseys been finalized yet?
A: Yes, the 2016 OKHT jersey and t-shirt may be ordered when you register. Check out the souvenirs page for details. Click here for Souvenirs page


Q: I was on the ride Sunday and heard your plea for volunteers. I'm sure I won't be able to do both days, and wanted to offer whatever services I might be able to help with on one of the days. I'd like to ride one day - guess it doesn't matter which - and would be glad to help out the other day.
A: Thank you!!! That's exactly what we love to hear. Check out the volunteer page for details on volunteering.

Q: I just noticed that (last) year's OKHT ride (was) scheduled for September 7, which (was) Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish holy day. I don't know if any of the organizers care about this, but they might want to keep these things in mind in scheduling future rides.
A: Yes, we are aware that the OKHT sometimes coincides with Rosh Hashanah. The OKHT traditionally takes place on the second weekend of September because a number of other popular rides occur in the weeks preceding and following that weekend. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in all of the wonderful mass rides that take place in the autumn.

Q: Will I get directions to the starting point in Louisville? How hilly are the routes? Are there other options for dinner on Saturday night, local restaurants?
A: All of these details are covered elsewhere on this Web site. Spend a few minutes reading the Rides and Details pages.

Q: How many riders do you anticipate on Saturday & Sunday?
A: Well, 2004 was a record-breaking year for the OKHT – approximately 1300 riders. The maximum number of riders currently allowed is 1200.

Q: I currently live and ride in Elizabethtown but will consider riding with the LBC. How do I get in touch with membership?
A: Contact us at to sign up or renew.

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