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srednew.gif (931 bytes)Mileages results for the 2011 Touring Year can be found at 2011 Touring Season. srednew.gif (931 bytes)
 Mileages for previous years can be found at the LBC Touring page.

The release form / sign up sheet without LBC logo is available as a pdf file here. srednew.gif (931 bytes) 2012
The release form / sign up sheet with LBC logo is available as a pdf file here. srednew.gif (931 bytes) 2012
The parent/guardian release form for minors is available as a pdf file here.

If you are having trouble accessing these pdf files, download Acrobat Reader. It allows you to read/print pdf format and best of all, its free.

 Get the free Acrobat Reader here.

Notes from the statistician:

Ride captains, please send your ride sheets to the address below.
Ron DePrez
11526 W Highway 42
Goshen, KY 40026

Ride captains: "....If a ride captain cancels a scheduled ride due to inclement weather, ride captain credit will still be awarded, as long the ride captain submits a notification to the statistician to indicate that the ride was cancelled." For more details, click on TOURING GUIDELINES, and see the RIDE CAPTAIN AND MILEAGE CREDIT Section.

Riders: Did I misspell your name? Had a name change? Something isn't right? Question about stats? Question not about stats? e-mail me and I will attempt to answer / fix / change whatever it is.


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