2016 Tour de Mad Dog Challenge --  the 13th Edition of "a grand tour for the rest of us"

  • Schedule  2015 TMD Schedule is now posted on this page.
  • Rules   Updated January 5, 2015

Eligible to order 2015 TMD jerseys:

Jonathan Lichtsteiner

Vince Livingston Steve Rice Steve Mongomery

Larry Preble Jon Murner Ron Oliver

Tim Chilton Troy Wright Kirk Engle

Tony Darnell Mike Fredell Amelia Dauer

Bob Grable Steve Mauer Gail Blevins

Mike Kaufman Kirk Roggenkamp Raney Self

Thomas Nance Mike Crawford Sara Collins

John Pyron Steve Dunsford Joan Wood

Wes Warren Jeff White Lise Andreason

Jim Moore David King Bekki Livingston

Mike Kamenish Mark Whelchel Angie Fredell

Cathy Hill Jody Patterson Nita Bernat

Melissa Hall Susan Pyron Nancy King

Kim Stanton David Dillard Matt Lahm

Dustin Tinnell Mike Jenkins Ford Barr

Most Recently Abandoned:

Missy Thompson

Steve Meredith

Paul Battle

Tim McConnell

Carla Dearing

Loe Lobred

Abandoned after Stage 14:

Susan Howell

Alison Torpey

Carson Torpey

Brooks Hildenbrand

Joe Lobred


Abandoned after Stage 13 are:

Megan Wright

Robin Reams

Dave Bennett

Rian Van Zyl

Eric Schultz

Charles Bird


I bet some of these folks didn't even know they WERE in the tour this year.

Of course, unlike the Tour de France, being abandoned doesn't mean being sent home early in shame and pain.  You can mount up and ride (even win!) any future stage this year, you are just not eligible to be an official tour finisher for 2015 and earn your finisher jersey.


The Tour is one third complete at this juncture, seven stages done.  Susan has been out of town competing in (another!) Ironman and will update the TMD standing shortly to reflect the past 2 stages.

I counted over 60 participants to date, and remember, you must complete 10 stages this year to qualify as a finisher, however, there is no limit as to how many you can miss in a row anymore.  Abandons will start happening will riders do not have enough stages left to get their 10 in before the last stage in Oct.  Anybody can still ride any given stage (and win!), whether they are an official 2015 tour participant or not.  Often times newer riders work themselves into century fitness and confidence mid or late season as a "launch" to the next year's tour.

I was recently reminded that there have been no stage winner prizes awarded yet this year and I intend to rectify that.  Stage winners to date WILL get a cool Mad Dog decal -- see me at future ride starts to settle up (I need to get a few more ordered).

Plus, Carla, Erik, and Nate, you STILL haven't picked up your award finisher jerseys from 2014.  




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