The 2017 Tour de Mad Dog Schedule has been posted.

  • Rules   Updated January 5, 2015

2017 Rule Change Proposal from the Director:

Participation in the Prologue has really lagged in recent years (just a fraction of the 35-40 riders who turn out for the uphill TT in Sept)  Everyone always asks the same question, "Does it count as a stage?".  Under the current rules, it does not.  I propose that for 2017, the TMD Prologue (probably will be held in early Nov 2016) count as a stage.  In addition, I ALSO propose that the number of stages needed to qualify be bumped from 10 to 11 for 2017 and beyond. This will not change the number of centuries a rider has to complete (9) IF they participate in the both the Prologue and Uphill time trials.

Most Recently Abandoned for 2016 Tour:

Carson Torpey

David Meredith

Joe Hitselbeger

Of course, unlike the Tour de France, being abandoned from the Tour de Mad Dog doesn't mean being sent home early in shame and pain.  You can mount up and ride (even win!) any future stage this year, you are just not eligible to be an official tour finisher for 2016 and earn your finisher jersey.



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