TMD 11 YEARS / 2004-2014

2014 Tour de Mad Dog

  • Schedule  2014 TMD Schedule is now posted on this page.
  • Rules   Updated January 24, 2013

Note recent stage cancellations have activated the last remaining make-up stages this Fall.  Stage 14 will be made up on the return stage from the Mammoth Cave overnight weekend (Sept 20/21) and Stage 17 will be made up on 10/18 with The Wheels of Screams century.  If we have any more unavoidable stage cancellations the next month, we will either have to be creative and add a stage on an "off weekend" in Oct. that will conflict will some other event, or else shorten the tour by a stage.  Our deadline to complete the TMD is FIRM for 10/18 due to deadlines for jersey orders production.  Keep in mind that the number of finished stages (9) to qualify as a 2014 TMD finisher will NOT change regardless, so take care to not get caught short in that case.  I see that there are a few men who have only completed 5 or 6 stages at this point (mid-Aug) and are in danger of "running out of tour" to get their nine without picking up the pace.  Susan is keeping an updated "stages completed" column next to your name with current standings if you need to check.

I have chosen Spickert Knob for the 2014 Uphill TT on Labor Day.  Course grade and length are similar to the Moser Knob course, (course length 1.3 miles, overall grade about 10%, but sections spike to 18-20%), and there should be quite a bit less traffic than Moser.  If you bear right at the top of Spickert and ride a short distance along Skyline, you can descend Moser Knob and come down Green Valley to do hill repeats back up Spickert. Get over there and practice it some if you want to be this year's "King/Queen Of the Mad Dog Mountain".

Info for Finisher Jerseys will be posted shortly after Labor Day as no one will be eligible to finish before completing the Stage 19 uphill TT.

 To Be Abandoned List:

Matt Tinall must ride stage 18

Abandoned List:

after stage 3:

Kelly McGill

Sara Collins

Liz Cull

Kristen Monteuil

Kristen Dunlevy

Chaz Dunlevy

Larry Marko

after stage 6:

Becca Thomasson

Sandy Nichols

after stage 7:
Bill Pustow
Jason Willis
Scott Binzer
Dave Bennet
Kevin Williams
Mike Upsall
Joe Farrell

 After stage 8:

Robin Reams

Julie Lerner

Steve Royse

Eric Graf

After Stage 12

Jeff White

After Stage 13

 Nancy Nance

Jason Sieber



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