• Rules   Updated January 5, 2015

What is TMD?
TMD stands for Tour de Mad Dog.  A century ride tradition enhanced way back in 2004 by LBC member Tim Chilton.  The TMD Challenge consists of 21 stages, including an uphill Time Trial and 20 century rides (95 to 120 miles each) spread out over the course of the year and ending by the last day of the club touring season. The TMD Challenge also includes a time-trial style Prologue to start the season.

Modeled after the famed Tour de France, the Tour de Mad Dog is a Challenge, not a race. Your actual time on the courses will not even matter!  It is unrealistic to expect riders to participate in every stage, so a simple, but fair, statistical method will allow riders to receive estimated stage times while not suffering time penalties that are crippling in terms of the overall TMD Challenge. Riders must complete at least 10 stages of the tour to be considered a official TMD Challenge finisher.

The rider with the lowest overall adjusted "time" at the end of the TMD season will be declared the TOUR de MAD DOG CHAMPION. There are separate male and female divisions.

The intent and spirit of the TMD Challenge is to foster group riding and Mad Dog camaraderie. Fictitious ride times will be awarded to riders based largely on the size of the group with which they finish. In most cases, the larger the group you finish with, the better your time will be. Immediately after each stage, there will be a blind draw to determine the stage winner. Actual ride times are insignificant and carry no weight whatsoever in determining the winner, provided the rider completes the course within the announced time limit. Even the last finisher can be declared the Stage Winner.

All serious cyclists know what group riding is about. The TMD Challenge is designed to encourage groups of all abilities to work together to attain a common goal: finishing the stage! With that in mind, all riders should work together with his/her group to gain maximum advantage and maximum reward. 

This unique challenge series is very popular segment of the Louisville Bicycle Club with many of the stages attracting 30 - 40 riders. TMD Century rides are structured along known routes, with published GPS files available and turn-by-turn cue sheets. There are planned store stops, lunch stops and many stages include unique themes or visit notable landmarks and areas.

Interested? There is more information in the rules section. Or contact the TMD Director at: maddog@louisvillebicycleclub.org


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