TMD 11 YEARS / 2004-2014

2014 Tour de Mad Dog

  • Schedule  2014 TMD Schedule is now posted on this page.
  • Rules   Updated January 24, 2013

 Stage One was successfully made-up with the Safety Net Century on 4/19/14, so the first four stages have been completed by Easter as planned.  A round of folks who participated in the Prologue TT, but failed to ride one of the first three century stages have already been abandoned.  There are 62 participants in the 2014 TMD to date that are eligible to be a tour finisher, take care not to get yourself abandoned by missing "more than four" in a row or failing to get nine completed stages by season's end.

Note the "abandoned" and "to be abandoned" lists at the bottom of this page.  Of course riders who have been abandoned can still participate in any future stage and even be a stage winner!

Stage One "Maple Syrup Festival" century on 3/2/14 canceled due to inclement weather.  Stage One make-up stage is Sunday, 3/23/14, "The Dishonest Abe" century.  Stage Two will be the "first" century of the tour on Saturday, 3/22/14, a new route from Taylorsville Lake to Fort Harrod, KY.

Don't forget you must ride at least one of the first three tour stages to be eligible as a tour finisher.

   2014 Prologue TT is scheduled for Sunday, 2/23/14 on a new 5.5 mile course in the Clark Co. Forestry just north of Henryville, IN.  If you have ever ridden the start of the Medora Century, you have seen the majority of this course.  11 miles credit will be given as all riders are expected to take a warm-up lap before the TT  to loosen up their legs and be familiar with any course turns or road conditions.  Since this is a "winter event", it is unlikely to be canceled except for the most severe weather conditions.  If it seems that ice/snow may be on part of the course, it may be prudent to use a mountain or cross bike with appropriate tire set-up and ride less aggressively to finish safely.

A 35 mile post TT club ride will be offered from start location to the Maple Syrup Festival for a lunch stop.


The 2014 schedule is now complete.  All ride captains should enter their ride details on the LBC Scheduler before 2/15/14.  See website instructions for Ride captain sign-up and Scheduler access if you are new to this.


 To Be Abandoned List:

No one in danger of being abandoned for Stage 5

Abandoned List:

after stage 3:

Kelly McGill

Sara Collins

Liz Cull

Kristen Monteuil

Kristen Dunlevy

Chaz Dunlevy

Larry Marko






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