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  • 02 Oct 2015 4:01 PM | Perry Finley


  • 29 Sep 2015 4:09 PM | Dirk Gowin

    Do you need an explanation?  See you next week.

  • 29 Sep 2015 3:07 PM | H. Michael Crawford

    The Willow Ride (Lise Fluhr Ride Captain) is cancelled.

  • 29 Sep 2015 11:41 AM | percy black

    canceled slippery when wet

  • 28 Sep 2015 8:00 PM | Dirk Gowin

    Scheduling error, eclipse is Sunday. Cancelling event due to cloud cover.  Eclipse starts at 8:10 PM and is complete at 10:10 PM. Hope we can see it. 

  • 24 Sep 2015 6:41 PM | Melissa Hall

    I have had a few questions about the Norman/Jiggs century.  The ride starts at Scottsburg and goes to Medora.  After Medora, the route leads to Norman,Indiana where we will eat at Jiggs.  Jiggs is named for the proprietor's father.  The building is quaint, the service is slow, the food is so-so....edible but nothing to write home to mom about.

    After Norman, the route goes to Brownstown and then back to Scottsburg.

    Some of the roads will be new, some old.  Some are in good shape.  Some are gravel.  There  is a closed bridge you will need to cross.  There are some flat roads and some hills.

    I cannot give you a GPS route as Ride With GPS wants to route me around the closed bridge.  I can provide you with a cue sheet if you e-mail me and those of you who are better programmers can, I am certain, find a work around.  Please understand that this is the first time this ride has been offered and thus an untried cue sheet.

    Good way to start the week-end before topping it off the next day with the traditional and well run Harvest Homecoming Ride put on by the Southern Indiana Wheelmen. 

    If there is rain Saturday or you have questions about the status of the ride, feel free to call.  I am a very early riser.  Puddle
  • 01 Sep 2015 4:49 PM | Lisa Fluhr

    Sorry for the late notice but unfortunately have to cancel this ride due to a conflict.

  • 29 Aug 2015 6:23 PM | Larry Preble

    Sunday's "Sink or Swim Century" and


    First of all, don't let the name scare you -- The name "Sink or Swim"

    doesn't mean it's a real killer of a century. It refers to the fact that you may take an optional swim on this ride. The route starts out of the little town of Westport in Oldham County, this Sunday.

    "Sink or Swim" has set attendance records over the years because it's such a beautiful route along low traffic creek and river roads with lunch at Welch's with a deck overlooking the Ohio River in Carrollton. This will be the 11th year I've offered this route. There's an opportunity for two swims, one up in Carrollton, and then back at Westport Park.

    This is Ride # 3027 on the www.kybikerides.org website. It is also Stage #17 for the Tour de Mad Dog Challenge.

    Directions:  From Louisville, go North on I-71 and take the LaGrange Exit, # 22. Turn left and follow Hwy 53 until the T-Intersection at 42. Turn Left again. About a mile down the road on the right is Hwy 524. Take that right turn and follow the road all the way to Westport. You will pass the Westport General store on the right. 524 becomes Main Street. Keep going straight on Main Street until you reach the Ohio River. That's Westport Park (and boat


    Alternatively, you may get a Google map with turn-by-turn driving instructions from anywhere: Visit my website, www.kybikerides.org. Browse down to ride # 3027. Click on the Ride Start column (2nd column) to get a map and driving instructions to the start. 

    However, for the ride cue sheet and map, you should click on the ride number itself (1st column.) Click the route map to interact with it or to download a GPS route file.

    The last several years, the weather has been warm enough for a dip.  "Sink or Swim!" It's your choice. Check out this picture from 2005.



    When the weather is good, we have occasionally seen as many as 60 riders.

    So, let's be a good neighbor to the other users of the Park. Westport Park is a boat launching area designed to park a truck and a boat trailer in each spot.  It can accommodate all of us; however, as a show of courtesy to other users of the park, please let's do our best to put two cars in each parking space. Slower riders should park first with faster riders parking in the same spot behind them. (You know who you are.) Carpooling and riding to the ride by bicycle is also encouraged.

    If you are capable of doing a century, you should come out for this one. As always, I will be cheerfully sweeping the back with no rider left behind.



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