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  • 08 Oct 2015 11:06 AM | Lisa Fluhr

    In order to avoid an extra 10 and a half hour wait for the Wilson & Muir Bank ride, the Willow Park ride is 5:30 pm rather than 7:00 am. 

  • 05 Oct 2015 9:30 PM | Melissa Hall

    Two e-mails arrived today asking about the Medora Century this coming Saturday. The century is on www.kybikerides.org, ride 5510.

    The ride starts at the Clark State Forestry in Henryville.  Be very wary of using a GPS to get there.  I have been told that it will take you elsewhere.  To get to the forestry from Louisville, take I 65 North to the Henryville Exit.  You will go right (east) off the exit on 160 to the four way stop.  At the stop sign, go left (north) on State Road 31.  The forestry entrance will be on  your left.

    We normally take the first left after entering the park and park there so as not to take all the parking if someone has rented the shelter.  I will have the sign in there.

    The first store stop is in Austin.  There is a busy section of State Road 31 that you have to ride to get there.  It is not long, but it is busy enough to justify caution and riding single file. The second store stop is in Medora.  This week-end is the festival some of you may remember from the past where "Medora goes Pink."  This means there will be food booths besides the choice of eating at the gas station.  The Dairy Bar has also re-opened.  At the last festival, the bank was open so that people could use the rest rooms.  People seemed to enjoy the festival, and Kirk will be posting more details, so I tried to schedule it the week-end of the festival.  Be aware that this could potentially increase traffic.

    The last stop is in Little York.  Here's the rub.  I spoke with the owner today.  Normally they are closed on Saturdays, but she is willing to open for a few hours if enough people intend to stop there.  !!!! If you believe you will stop at the third store stop, please e-mail me OFF LIST at lissah45@yahoo.com and let me know that you intend to stop and approximately when you think you will get there.  If I get enough responses, I will have her open for a few hours.!!!!!!  If I don't, you will have to make do with the pop machine and what you carry from the festival.  Please be aware that  they have been having problems with the pop machine. 

    Medora holds many fond memories for me and has some interesting sights:  the longest covered bridge in the country that has been historically restored, the brick plant (which you won't see unless you go off course but I can tell you how to get there) which once was one of the largest manufacturers in the country, one of the many local round barns.  Like any century, some people like the course and others don't.  If you don't like it, nobody is holding your feet to the fire to make you ride. 

    I remember quite well my first visit to Medora.  I remember riding there with Grasshopper in the middle of winter, and as we arrived snow flakes the size of my fist started falling and I wondered if we would make it back with the snow aiding the wind that was already beating us up at every turn.  I remember sitting on the curb with Paul at the last festival, the look on Dave's face at the food booths.  Good times.  Let's keep the memories that way. 

    It is a relatively easy century unless the wind is blowing, but there ARE hills at the start and hills at the end.  And if it is windy, it can be as challenging as a hilly ride on a non-windy day.  Also, this course floods easily.  If we get lots of rain, call before coming.  Cancellations will be posted on the list serve and on the club web site. 

    It is Indiana.  While we have a dog restraint law, it is often disregarded.  Dogs have never been a big issue on this route, but things change.  Same thing with pavement.  In the past, this route has been paved the entire way.  So far as I know, there is no new road construction, but things change.  Ride safely.  Obey the rules of the road.  There is a tendency to hammer this century.  This is great if your skills are equivalent to your speed, but that is not always the case.  Know your limits and protect everyone, yourself included.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone for the last TMD stage of the year.  Please e-mail any questions.  As mentioned previously, e-mail from Kirk to follow. Puddle
  • 02 Oct 2015 4:01 PM | Perry Finley


  • 29 Sep 2015 4:09 PM | Dirk Gowin

    Do you need an explanation?  See you next week.

  • 29 Sep 2015 3:07 PM | H. Michael Crawford

    The Willow Ride (Lise Fluhr Ride Captain) is cancelled.

  • 29 Sep 2015 11:41 AM | percy black

    canceled slippery when wet

  • 28 Sep 2015 8:00 PM | Dirk Gowin

    Scheduling error, eclipse is Sunday. Cancelling event due to cloud cover.  Eclipse starts at 8:10 PM and is complete at 10:10 PM. Hope we can see it. 

  • 24 Sep 2015 6:41 PM | Melissa Hall

    I have had a few questions about the Norman/Jiggs century.  The ride starts at Scottsburg and goes to Medora.  After Medora, the route leads to Norman,Indiana where we will eat at Jiggs.  Jiggs is named for the proprietor's father.  The building is quaint, the service is slow, the food is so-so....edible but nothing to write home to mom about.

    After Norman, the route goes to Brownstown and then back to Scottsburg.

    Some of the roads will be new, some old.  Some are in good shape.  Some are gravel.  There  is a closed bridge you will need to cross.  There are some flat roads and some hills.

    I cannot give you a GPS route as Ride With GPS wants to route me around the closed bridge.  I can provide you with a cue sheet if you e-mail me and those of you who are better programmers can, I am certain, find a work around.  Please understand that this is the first time this ride has been offered and thus an untried cue sheet.

    Good way to start the week-end before topping it off the next day with the traditional and well run Harvest Homecoming Ride put on by the Southern Indiana Wheelmen. 

    If there is rain Saturday or you have questions about the status of the ride, feel free to call.  I am a very early riser.  Puddle
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